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For -naut I programmed the guide WebApp (not the website of the museum), the core system that allows the visitors to learn and interact with all the exhibits of the WOW museum.
super modular code. allows for seasonal extras to be embedded into the guide app without hassle. this guide is super flexible and easy to update.

from the beginning it was clear to us that we didn’t want visitors to have to download an app from a store and no weird electronic devices should have to be handed out to the public. most of us have a smart phone, so the idea was to make use of that without intruding with an app. just a simple website/WebApp that gets accessed via QR code.

Scenery & Architecture: aroma
UI: -naut & aroma
UX: -naut & I

Award winning. Best Interactive Installation, Crossmedia
the -naut guys doing some tests

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